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Tri Clamp And Flang Gaskets

A gasket is a mechanical seal which is used to fill the space between two moving surfaces. This is usually done to avoid leakages from or into the two conjoined surfaces while they are under compression. Gaskets allow less than perfect mating surfaces on the machine parts where there are irregularities which might cause leakage. These gaskets are common produced by cutting rubber sheet materials.
Tri-clamp and flange gaskets are two of the most popular form of gaskets used for these purposes because of their extremely stable properties and flexibility.
These gaskets are usually used as sanitary gaskets and in the food, dairy, beverage, biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Size range from 1/8 inch to 12” inch are offered suitable to most types of couplings like DS, DIN11851, SMS1149, ISO2853 as well as clamp-types like ISO2852, BS4825/3, ISO1127, DIN32676 and others. Most of them can be supplied in NBR, EPDM,FKM VITON, PTFE and SILICONE , all meeting the requirements of FDA for use with foodstuff. All standard materials are furthermore tested and certified against USP Class VI.


The tri-clamp gaskets are usually manufactured from the four different materials which are as follows:
SILICONE The silicone tri-clamp gaskets are translucent clear in color and have a very wide range of temperature ranging from -58 F to 446 F which makes them highly suitable for a wide range of applications at both industrial front and the domestic front. They are extremely flexible and relatively soft which makes it easy to work with them and use them as a seal. However, over a prolonged use with acids and caustics, they become gummy and soft in commercial applications.
EPDM These gaskets have a narrower temperature range than silicone ranging from -30 F to 300 F but are much stronger to acid and caustics attack in commercial setting. Hence, they are preferred over the silicone gaskets in commercial and home brewery settings and applications. The EPDM gaskets are relatively softer and easy to use as seals. They are also one of the best choices if the application is now situated too close to the flame which affects them adversely. These gaskets are black in color.

PTFE PTFE Teflon has one of the widest ranges of properties and applications in the commercial and domestic world. These solid white gaskets made of EPDM similarly have the widest range of functional temperature ranging from -100 F to 500 F. however, they are tougher than the above two substances or rubbers and thus, it is difficult to mould them into seals.
BUNA-N BUNA-N gaskets are also black in color but have a narrower range of temperature from -30 to -200. However, they remain flexible across that temperature and seal well within it too.

A flange gasket is a gasket which is specially designed to fit between two sections of the pipe that are flared to provide higher surface area. These come in a variety of sizes and are often categorized on the basis of their inside and outside diameter. They are primarily of four types:




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