Rubber Teflon Diaphragm, PTFE Teflon Diaphragms, Rubber Sheets / Bellows, Rubber Gasket, Mumbai, India  
  Rubber Teflon Diaphragm, PTFE Teflon Diaphragms, Rubber Sheets / Bellows, Rubber Gasket, Mumbai, India  

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Rubber PTFE Diaphragm

The diaphragms Rubber / PTFE we offer are manufactured using qualitative raw material procured from trustworthy vendors. These are widely used in various industries and have gained huge accreditation in the industry for their host of exclusive features. The entire range can also be customized as per the specification detailed by the clients.

Rubber Diaphragms

A diaphragm is a flexible barrier that spans the gap between a moving and stationary units/members. The primary function of the diaphragm is to prevent fluid interchange between two separated chambers. Rubber diaphragm can be manufactured from a variety of rubber sheets.

The diaphragms may be classified into two distinct types:

These diaphragms are used to separate two fluids and are subjected to little or no motion during their application. Also, they suffer very little pressure change during the process.

Dynamic diaphragms act as sealing devices between a stationary and moving component of a system. Hence, they have to usually transmit force and pressure to maintain the balance.

There are four types of rubber diaphragms which are primarily available in the market:


These rubber diaphragms are made of rubber, rubber-fabric combinations and specialty materials.



These rubber diaphragms are resistant to many chemicals at different pressure ranges. These are movable between two components through a dividing membrane. The main functions of industrial rubber diaphragm include:
They are used to control the pressure in industrial settings.
They are used to make valves.
They are used for manufacture of pumps.
They are used for accumulator functions.

These diaphragms are made specifically based on the requirements given by the customers.

The molded diaphragms are manufactured to be resistant to a huge range of pressure that is exerted on them during their application.

The rubber diaphragms have many distinct properties enabling their usage but some of the most useful ones are:
The rubber diaphragms can perform various functions over a broad range of operating temperature and conditions ranging from the metering of fuels to the regulation of gas for heating systems.
They have maximum thickness to provide maximum sensitivity.
They are built so as to avoid any sort of leakage which can be fatal in all its usage and hence, anti-wrinkle fabrics are used.
They have an extended life even when operating under high temperature range or close to flame.
The elastomer/ rubber diaphragms are considered to be dimensionally stable in all its vital applications.

Some of the most popular uses of rubber diaphragms are:
CNG/LPG vaporizers and reducers
Gas meters
LPG regulators
Fuel pumps
Pumps and valves
Automotive diaphragm
Fabric diaphragm
Actuator valves
Other purpose diaphragms

There are a wide range of elastomers available for the job but the right type should be chosen based on the job profile which consists of the following considerations:
Desired sensitivity
Working pressure
Distance from the flame or other conditions where is has to function.
Rate of diaphragm travel
Smoothness of the flange areas
Flange pressure
Working environment




Rubber Diaphragms

The diaphragms rubbers we manufacture are available in various sizes ranging from 5 mm to 1000 mm. Our range of diaphragms is manufactured using PTFE / ELASTOMERIC materials that have the capacity to withstand harsh weather conditions. We make use of almost all types of material that comprises of Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, Fluorosilicone, Silicone, SBR, Fluoroelastomers Viton.,PTFE.

Salient Features:

Long life cycle
Long stroke capability
No breakaway friction
Constant effective pressure area
No lubrication required
Little or no spring rate
Can be used in extreme pressure

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